Narcis Ionut B.

Full-Stack Web Developer

Blue Star Planning

Sep 2022 - Present

Rotterdam Area, Netherlands

A company that specializes in the development and realization of Advanced Planning and Scheduling systems.

  • Brought an improvement to the development process and developer experience by implementing Vite and Vitest.
  • Collaborated with other developers to maintain and deliver a quality product to customers.

Skills: TypeScriptReactAzure

Liberty Multiplayer

May 2022 - Present

A small project related to a videogame modification server for Grand Theft Auto V.

  • Collaborated with the developer team of 2 to strong-type the entire codebase using TypeScript and improve the web application response time by 40% by using a better Angular render components approach.
  • Produced multiple visual elements of the web application by translating UI/UX design.

Skills: TypeScriptAngularNode.jsTailwindCSS


Jan 2020 - Present

A fully-featured customizable Visual Studio Code extension to get Discord Rich Presence integration.

  • Brought an improvement to what was already on the market and achieving over 450K+ downloads on Visual Studio Marketplace in a short-period of time.
  • Collaborated with other open-source contributors to bring new features and fix issues for a better user experience.

Skills: TypeScriptVSCode APIDiscord API


Mar 2021 - Present

A powerful and lightweight inversion of control container for JavaScript & Node.js apps powered by TypeScript.

  • Improved the product quality by 10% through documentation, code reviews, writing unit tests, and collaborating with the maintainer team on implementing new features and resolves issues.
  • Achieved over 600K weekly downloads on NPM.

Skills: TypeScriptDependency Injection (DI)Inversion of Control (IoC)


My name is Narcis and I'm a full-stack web developer based on The Netherlands.

I'm well versed in the art of web development. I can manage to do front-end and back-end with relative ease from the point of conceptualization to the point of delivery.

I'm currently working at Blue Star Planning, a company that specializes in the development and realization of Advanced Planning and Scheduling systems.

Rotterdam - South Holland, The Netherlands
  • /HTML5/CSS3
  • /JavaScript (ES6)/TypeScript
  • /Vue/React/Angular
  • /TailwindCSS/SASS
  • /Node.js/Express
  • /MongoDB/MySQL
  • /GraphQL/REST
Personal Skills
  • Patience
  • Empathy
  • Flexibility
  • Teamwork
  • Self-Awareness
  • Open-Mindedness
  • Fast-Paced
  • Problem Solving
  • Video games
  • Cars
  • Tech Industry
  • New Technologies


Romanian(Native speaker)